The purpose of this project:

  1. To help set up a corner shop on the site of the COG, Vietnam, selling soft drinks, refreshments, snacks, stationaries, etc. to the students and visitors.
  1. To train these young women with physical disabilities wide rages of business skills:
      How to set up a shop with a capital.
      How to meet the demand of the customers.
      How to make your shop more attractive to your customers.
      How to do Bookkeeping of the expenses and the turnovers.
      How to deal with customers.
  1. To give these young women a real experience of what it takes to run a real shop 2so that when they finish the training at the COG, they can go out and open their own shop if they want to go that way.

2014 – The start-up capital was donated by The Zonta Club of Adelaide Torrens to this project in May: $A 440.00. There are four young women who are running the shop:

  1. Tien Cam Thi Tran – 22 years old
  2. Suong Thi Phan – 22 years old
  3. Hien Pham – 30 years old
  4. Hang Le Tan Thi – 18years old

The project has been growing and these women who are involved running the shop have learned some essential skills in this business. They would like to thank those who have graciously and generously put the funds forward for them to start the shop.

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