Birthing Kits – Thank you from Adrian Harris

The following is an email of thanks from Adrian Harris for the Birthing Kits we organised.

Good Evening Prue.

I hope that this post finds you well.

We at the foundation take great pride in letting all of our groups that participate in the assembly of birthing kits annually are fielded reports on the final destinations of their individual kits and the difference they make in the areas of need. Presently we distribute over 150,000 birthing kits annually, and are continually expanding as there are substantial requirements in assisting with a safe, sterile birthing site, along with an increase of awareness, and changes of practices taught to many traditional birth attendants.

The 1000 birthing kits that yourself, and fellow volunteers assembled in July 2015 were part of an shipment to Kinshasa in DR Congo. We have established a fantastic relationship with many aid partners, both in Australia and internationally and through their expansive networks have been able to arrange transportation to even more remote areas that we have previously been unable to service. Our extensive vetting processes ensure that all items that we send to assist these organisations and their local communities are not use for any barter, resale or exchange and are distributed freely through the use of appropriately trained traditional birthing attendants. With the training programs scheduled for these areas also in the future, greater distribution will follow, and even more people will be assisted by the kind generosity of people in Australia.
Unfortunately in this instance however there was a great lead time in getting these released from customs, as they were detained by the regulatory authorities for a complete process of checking both the sender and the recipient destinations. All appropriate documentation and examination of the goods verified all the stated components and destinations were correct, and after much organisation both in country and internationally, all kits are now in the hands of the intended recipient and distribution and use has begun.
In the near future there will be many varied reports in media sources detailing our relationship with various international partners and you can feel proud that your efforts can be outlined in the ensuring stories, and you and your fellow volunteers hold a significant part in enabling this to occur.
We are humbled in that there are still people in society whom will put the welfare of others before themselves, and are so thankful that without people like you our valuable work would not be possible.

Please pass on our thanks and appreciation to all that are and were involved and we look forward to working again with you in the future.

Kind Regards

Adrian Harris
Supplies and Logistics Officer

“Every woman has the right to a clean and safe childbirth”

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